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6 ways to take care of your keys

We all use keys and we do all have the tendency to lose them as well. Hereby we would like to give you some of our best tips on how you can take care of your keys and how to secure yourself should you happen to lose them.

1. Keep a spare entrance door key in your car

If you are one who needs car to commute to work or for work, then the best way to make sure you always have a spare key with you is simply to keep one in your car. This way if your original set of keys gets lost, stolen or any accidents happen with it, you can still safely get back home, without the need to call for an emergency locksmith service.

2. Keep a spare key outside your home at a secure place

There are tons of places where you can hide a spare key outside your home. The most important is never to let anyone (apart from close family members) know where you keep your security set and it should be at a place where it’s close to impossible to be found by any stranger. Therefore, close out all pots and doormats instantly.

3. Have a nearby living family member or close friend hold a spare key for you

If a trusted friend or family member lives nearby, then it’s best to keep a spare key with them. This is by far the best and safest solution and one which can save you from hours of waiting for your locksmith to arrive and let you in, especially when it’s late at night. The most important is to have a spare key which is not at home.

4. Keep your keys separate

We all have the tendency to keep everything altogether. But this way, if a set of keys get lost or stolen, then you simply have nothing left. If you use keys to your office or to any other place than your home, keep those keys separate from your home set.

5. Use a keychain

This may sound silly but if you know that you have the tendency of losing things, along with your keys or if you plan to have a wild night out, the best way to proceed is to have your keys chained to either your handbag or to your jeans or any other type of trousers. This way, you make sure not to lose them even if you get something out of your bag or pocket in a hurry.

6. Always have the contact number of a well trusted locksmith service

No matter you want to avoid all the costs which may be the result of an emergency locksmith service, sometimes there is just nothing else which is better to do than call one. Find a good, respectable locksmith in your area who’s providing a 24/7 locksmith service for you.

We hope all these tips can help you stay safe and sound and to avoid your keys getting lost.