Locksmith Services

Locksmith extra services

This article serves as a little bit of an extra compared to a general overview of the services provided by locksmiths. This is to clarify some of the misunderstandings about locksmith services and also to observe what exactly this service can be good for. Locksmiths have very complex jobs which they do not only provide for people like you and I but for communities, residential buildings, office buildings, storage places, garages, schools and more. So, let’s get started.

  • Security audit and advice:
  • Many of us are not aware that the job of a professional locksmith service is not only strictly repair related. They are there to advise us on what’s the best lock to get for the door and for the building as well. They can also suggest us and help us to have our doors and hinges changed altogether when it’s necessary. Because a good lock is practically useless if the door holding it is as easy to break through or take out as walking in the park.

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  • Making sure all is insurance approved:
  • This is a very important aspect many tend to forget. While most of us do have home insurance, we tend not to read the list of conditions when the insurance company actually pays when a burglary occurs. If a home is badly protected and easy to break in then the insurance company is likely not to pay as much or not to pay at all, even if there were several valuable goods taken away from our property. A professional locksmith is in a daily touch with insurance companies and are well aware of all the conditions regarding locks. They can really prove to be a big help with that.

  • Making sure the lock system is fire approved:
  • This is another aspect many of us tend to forget. Not letting fire through is a very important aspect of modern doors, no matter they are entrance doors or inside doors. A good locksmith can instantly tell you what your current door is capable of and in case it’s necessary they can help you get a new set of doors everywhere.

  • Making sure the lock system is health and safety compliant:
  • Naturally we all want our doors to be made out of materials and provide well enough ventilation in the same time to be proven to be safe. This is another lesser known aspect of a locksmith’s job but a very important one to say the least. A good locksmith can prove to be lifesaving in case someone decides to install systems by someone who does not provide them with enough information as to the materials and systems being really safe and healthy for us. This is especially important in office buildings where there are regular audits checking on this aspect.

  • Working with or creating custom made locks
  • The professional locksmith is able to create a whole new lock system or work with antique lock systems without hurting their overall integrity. This is a service often used on old buildings, houses or museums.