SELA 2009 Appendix F - District/Borough Demand - Supply Tables

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Strategic Employment Land Assessment (SELA) Appendix F - District/Borough Demand-Supply Tables

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Disclaimer: Please note that a revised version of Appendix F of the Northamptonshire SELA was published in November 2010. The revisions took into account corrections made to the original document, in line with the information presented in the main SELA document.

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Description The Strategic Employment Land Assessment - Appendix F

This contains details of district/borough demand and supply tables
Subject & Keywords strategic, land, employment, assessment, appendix f, demand, supply,
Commissioner Northamptonshire Enterprise Ltd
Creator(s) W S Atkins
Publisher(s) Northamptonshire Observatory
Date 2009/11/13
Type Appendix
Source Northamptonshire Enterprise Ltd
Coverage Northamptonshire
Rights Northamptonshire Enterprise Ltd