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The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2011 and beyond

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The next version of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for the county is currently being planned.

Using the feedback from users of previous JSNA’s we have taken a different approach this time. We are moving away from a vast 900 odd pages of information presented in a PDF format to a set of core data presented on the forthcoming Partnership Data Hub which will sit on the Northamptonshire Observatory website.

Users will have the opportunity to search for data on a geographical basis or a topic basis using interactive mapping technology. In addition several key topic areas will be analysed in greater depth and presented as separate documents.

We intend to look at hospital activity, locality profiles, children and young people, research and development and the user perspective. The project documentation is now available for you to view if you would like to find out more, and is available at:

You will note that a feedback survey is attached. We would be very grateful if you could forward any comments regarding the plans on to the planning team using this method. If you have any queries please contact the JSNA team on 01604 651648 or at

Posted : 6th January 2011