The Northamptonshire Observatory has closed !

You will be automatically redirected to Northamptonshire Analysis (, where you will find the most up to date datasets and resources. Northamptonshire Analysis offers greater functionality for comparing and analysing datasets, exporting findings, overlaying different datasets on a county map, and creating interactive graphs, maps and reports.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or have any questions about how to use Northamptonshire Analysis, please contact the Business Intelligence and Performance Improvement Team at Northamptonshire County Council at

Welcome to the Northamptonshire Observatory, supporting the Northamptonshire Partnership

The Northamptonshire Observatory provides information and intelligence about Northamptonshire to improve decision-making, to support partnership working and better prepare us for the future. The information on the Northamptonshire Observatory is divided into 4 main themes which represent the ambitions of the Sustainable Communities Strategy for Northamptonshire. To explore the full information on the Observatory two further themes have been included.